Suzuki Maruti, marketed by AMW one of the countries pioneer automotive companies, will launch the 2010 Zen Estilo with a vibrant look and advanced technological features. The Zen Estilo represents Suzuki Maruti’s matching pace with the changing taste and lifestyles of their customers.  The bolder new Zen Estilo, designed to meet the aspirations of the Sri Lankan customer, is a heady-mix of sculpted features, bold designs, and new exciting Colours.

Leading the advanced technological features, the Zen Estilo is equipped with a 998cc K-series engine which delivers superior fuel efficiency. The superior engine technology enables more power, low noise and vibration and the lighter weight of the engine helps to increase the fuel efficiency with lower emissions. The Zen Estilo has achieved the Automotive Research Association of India (ARAI) fuel efficiency of 18.2 kmpl.

The Zen Estilo is also high on safety, security, comfort and flaunts expressive, bold frontline looks owing to new swept-back headlamps, dynamic front and rear bumpers, sculpted fog lamp surrounds and a new hood design with crease lines. The instrument panel has an all new design speedometer with digital fuel level indicator and multi-function display.

AMW is confident that the new Zen Estilo with its bold design and interiors and its superior technology will add to the competitive edge to the Suzuki Maruti range. Mr.Ashantha Atukorale, Asst. Manager Business Development & Promotions at AMW stated, “Continuous Product Evolution is an integral part of Suzuki Maruti's business strategy and future plans, in order to offer better products that match the dynamic needs of our customers”.



Speed Championship 2012 Round 1

  • Alto and Alto K10 sets 27.8 KM/L average fuel consumption at Suzuki Maruti Economy Rally 2011

    The Suzuki Maruti Alto and Alto K10 set a new average fuel consumption record of 27.8 Km/L at the Suzuki Maruti Economy Rally 2011 held on September 11th 2011 at AMW Suzuki Maruti show room premises.

    The Rally, organized by AMW and conducted by the Ceylon Motor Sports Club (CMSC) – which is affiliated to FIA in Paris, for the 2nd time, was a novel concept in Sri Lanka, designed to reward the thriftiest driver who saved the most amount of fuel. The entire competition had to adhere to strict rules of fairness. Rules of the competition together with special safety and fuel saving techniques were explained to the contestants four days prior to the rally.

    Additionally the select contestants were compulsorily made to subject their bellowed Alto Lxi, Alto Sportz, Special Edition and Alto K10’s vehicles to the strict scrutinizing by CMSC officials and AMW technical staff one day prior to the event. Vehicle conditions were checked and a security seals placed on the fuel tank, rear doors and bonnet after filling it up with specific fuel quantity. Furthermore the route map and details which took contestants across smooth tar, gravel roads as well as congested suburbs and a set of small hills was handed over to the contestants only 30 minutes prior to the start. “Fuel cost and the environment is two major issues faced by the public today” and this rally emphasizes the benefit to choose the fuel efficient Suzuki Maruti range of vehicles when buying a car. The records set by the Alto & K10 clearly highlight Suzuki Maruti’s image of being one of the best fuel efficient cars on our roads.

    M/s L. N. Wanniarachchi and C. D. Bakmiwewa winners of the Alto and Alto K10 categories respectively walked off with the two Grand prizes of Rs. 50,000 while the second and third place received Rs25,000 and Rs10,000 respectively. Other participants received special gifts and certificates courtesy of AMW and sponsors.

    Our appreciation and gratitude go towards CMSC and our sponsors Srilanka Insurance, Capital Leasing, Magic cars, Wurth Lanka, Castrol lubricants and Gilbert & Company, and the Suzuki Maruti Owners who made the event possible.” said GM Suzuki & Suzuki Maruti Mr.Virann De Zoysa.
  • Suzuki Maruti Alto/ K10 is world’s No.1 small car


    Suzuki Maruti Alto became the biggest selling small car in the world in 2010, overtaking the likes of Volkswagen Golf in Germany and both the VW Golf and the Fiat Uno in Brazil. Equipped with the new K10 high performance engine and a stylish new design, Suzuki Maruti Alto raced ahead in worldwide sales recording a 25% increase to become the world’s highest-selling small car, reported a release filed in India on 8 January this year. Writing to the Hindustan Times, Sumant Banerji reported from New Delhi that overall sales worldwide of the popular Alto swelled to 300,000 units. The first time ever that a car made in India has become a global bestseller in any segment, the Alto, launched in September 2000, was a runaway success and is the largest selling car in India since 2006. In Sri Lanka too, sales of the model has seen a tremendous surge, with avid Sri Lankan customers enthusiastically opting for the nippy best seller now upgraded with a new body style and a peppy K 10 engine. Helped by tax relief granted to local consumers in June 2010, Suzuki Maruti cruised to lead clocking in record performances in the last quarter to become, once again, Sri Lanka’s No.1 Brand new motor brand.
  • Suzuki Maruti cars record fuel efficiency of 20.7 km/liter. AMW Economy Challenge Rally 2007 completed successfully

    AMW Economy Challenge Rally 2007, a novel experience for Sri Lankan motor sports enthusiasts was successfully held on September 30, 2007. The Rally, covering a distance of 100 km, started from the new Suzuki Maruti Service Centre in Rajagiriya and proceeded along the Sri Jayewardenepura Road, passing Nawala, Thalawathugoda, Hokandara, and Hanwella. The rally passed the towns of Habarakada, Gonapola, Kahathuduwa, Piliyandala, Boralesgamuwa and Rajagiriya on the way back, coming to a successful end at the Suzuki Maruti Sevice Centre amidst cheering fans. People thronged to witness the spectacular sight of the long row of Suzuki Maruti vehicles moving forward while using various fuel saving techniques. As it was a Sunday, contestants faced many hardships due to congestion on roads, tackling both well-tarred highways and dilapidated country roads. Mr. J.N.S.K. De Silva driving a Suzuki Maruti M-800 won the fist place becoming the most thrifty driver on fuel followed by Mr. H.L.A.U. Sanjeewa and Mr. S.G.S. Samaraweera. Suzuki Alto and Maruti 800 cars were eligible to take part in the rally and 40 participants were selected from a large number of applications received by Associated Motorways Limited..

    The AMW Economy Challenge Rally 2007 was the first of its kind in Sri Lanka, which selected winners based on the fuel economy displayed by the contestants. The organizers gave the route details to the contestants only 30 minutes prior to the start, thus ensuring the fairness of the final outcome. Other than that, the organizers made it compulsory for the contestants to submit their Suzuki Maruti cars to AMW Service Centre in Rajagiriya one day prior to the event, where the staff thoroughly checked the condition of the vehicles and put a security seal on the fuel tank after filling it.

    "I wish to use this opportunity to thank Ceylon Motor Sports Club who dedicated their valuable time to make the AMW Economy Challenge Rally 2007 a huge success. The overwhelming response we received from Suzuki Maruti car owners and motor-racing enthusiasts in general indicates an emerging trend with regard to what is expected from a vehicle. More and more people are now beginning to realize that the fuel efficiency of a vehicle is not an aspect they can take for granted. This is more pertinent in a backdrop of ever-rising cost of fuel where the money used for importing fuel has become a huge burden on the national economy. Suzuki Maruti vehicles have again proved to be the most fuel efficient cars on our roads, which supports the position of Suzuki Maruti in the market as Sri Lanka's No. 1 selling brand new car. I also wish to use this opportunity to thank those who gave their all-out support to again prove the superiority of Suzuki Maruti and also Suzuki Maruti owners who stayed loyal to the vehicle brand throughout years", said Virann De Zoysa Marketing Manager for Suzuki Maruti at Associated Motorways (PVT) LTD .

    The officials of the Ceylon Motor Sports Club, the organizers of the rally and motor sports specialists explained rules of the competition together with special safety and fuel saving techniques to the contestants one week prior to the rally.

    The 40 Suzuki Maruti vehicles participated in the rally recorded an average fuel consumption level of 20.7 km per litre under the various road conditions. The winner, Mr. J.N.S.K. De Silva, was awarded the AMW Economy Challenge Rally 2007 Championship with Rs. 60,000 as prize money. The 1st and 2nd runner-ups received Rs. 40,000 and 20,000 respectively while all other contestants received certificates and a service voucher worth Rs. 1000. Another feature was the only female team led by Kshenuka Sparamadu won the 8th place while Rukshani Dabare and her fellow driver who competed as a mixed team were able to claim the 10th place.

    "Motor Rallies of this kind are highly popular in other countries, which manifests how to surmount the challenge of rising fuel prices. We have been able to add a new dimension to Sri Lankan motor sports with the AMW Economy Challenge 2007, which we hope to continue in the coming years", said Bandula Weerasinghe, President of Ceylon Motor Sports Club.

    Motor sports enthusiasts and members of the public appreciated the initiative of AMW to highlight the importance of switching to fuel-efficient compact cars as a solution to the fuel crisis.

  • Grow big with Maruti…..

    “When I grow up I’ll be come a Rollce Royce ”, This was written in the back of a Suzuki Maruti, Though it expressed a comic feeling that really has a value embedded. Now actually Suzuki Maruti can grow bigger. We met Mr. Ashantha Atukorale, Assistant Manager Business Development /Promotions of Associated Motorways to get more information for Suzuki Maruti owners on how they can make their cars to grow with them. This concept is known as Suzukui Maruti “For a Life Time”. Suzuki Maruti Owners will get the opportunity to trade in their existing car and go for any brand new Suzuki Maruti range of products like the M800 latest model, Zen, Wagon R and Most popular Alto.

    You can upgrade your vehicle to a brand new model that suits your life style by just driving in to any AMW Suzuki Maruti showroom and trade - in your used vehicle. AMW is looking forward to help you realize your automobile dream as you grow in life. You can get a vehicle which gives you the ultimate driving pleasure with minimum effect to your wallet. Suzuki Maruti has become the undisputed brand new vehicle hitting the Sri Lankan roads with a record breaking number of 28000 units, and these numbers are on an accelerating trend. The most significant feature of the range is the fuel economy, very low operating costs and very high re-sale value. Latest additions to the Suzuki Maruti range have lots of extras which were not present in the previous generations.

    AMW in conjunction with the Ceylon Motor Sports Club (CMSC) held a rally called “The economy challenge” to test the fuel economy levels of the cars. The CMSC found that the consumption of a Suzuki Maruti is an average of 20.7 Km/ per liter. There were 40 Suzuki Marutis which participated in that event. In any situation that will be a very high competitive mark which even bigger players find difficult to defend. With the largest service network you will get the best quality service advice always. There nine teen Suzuki Maruti Service Centers have reached Customers Island wide.
    Suzuki Maruti range of products is now being exported to European countries with strict emission laws. Suzuki Maruti vehicles meet Euro 3 and Euro 4 emission standards.

    Drive in your Suzuki Maruti today for a trade - in offer and enjoy the latest breed of Suzuki Maruti Automobiles. You can speak to your closest AMW branch to get more information. Live your dream, Suzuki Maruti is more than just a brand it’s a Life Time partnership.
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